Whitney Houston’s Attraction To Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston was more than crazy about Bobby Brown. As an avid Whitney fan, I never approved of this relationship. Approved is a strong word, but I never wanted him for Whitney. I am also a big fan of New Edition, so I had my issues with Bobby Brown over that. In the beginning, no one could foresee what would become of the toxic couple.

Whitney dated Eddie Murphy, football guy etc. I’m sitting here thinking and maybe those high profile names were too high profile. I mean, Bobby Brown was at his peak when he met Whitney so it was nothing for him to take a backseat to her. People like Eddie Murphy had as big as a name and star as Whitney and were busy honing their own careers. Bobby Brown seemed to dole all over Whitney and somewhat worship in the spotlight. Whitney Houston probably never had this kind of attention and enjoyed it immensely. Who wouldn’t? Bobby seemed to be almost like a superfan and fawn over her publicly and tend to her every whim. Publicly, because we have all heard about what really went on behind the scenes.