Top 12 Rappers Who Had Successful Acting Careers

The Top 12 Rappers who had successful acting careers have received critical acclaim for their performances and shown that they have the talent and versatility to succeed in different artistic mediums.

  1. The Fresh Prince AKA Will Smith
  2. Queen Latifah
  3. Ice Cube
  4. 50 Cent
  5. T.I.
  6. Eve
  7. 2Pac
  8. Ludacris
  9. LL Cool J
  10. Mos Def
  11. Common
  12. Ice T

From Hip Hop To Hollywood

Many rappers have successfully transitioned from the music industry to the movie industry, proving that they are not just one-trick ponies. Some rappers, such as Will Smith and Ice Cube, have become household names in Hollywood with numerous box office hits to their credit. Others, like Queen Latifah and Common, have also made successful forays into acting and have received critical acclaim for their performances. Their success has opened up new doors for future generations of artists to follow in their footsteps.