R Kelly the Hypocrite Doesn’t Like the Taste Of His Own Medicine

R Kelly the hypocrite doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. He isn’t used to being held accountable by anyone. This man has gotten away with unspeakable crimes on innocent victims since the 90s by turning the jury against his accusers and witnesses. He used underhanded tactics against his accusers to prevent them from speaking out against him. After all of the abuse and trauma he had doled out over the years to unsuspecting victims, he had the audacity to be outraged when the tables turned. A YouTuber named Tasha K used his own playbook against him, and he can’t stand it. She turned the jury against him.

R Kelly has gotten away with unspeakable crimes against young black girls and boys for over 30 years. Many of his victims have come forward in order to gain justice over the years.

R Kelly the Hypocrite

R Kelly is mad because Tasha K shared his emails between his many women with the parents of those women. Her actions created a divide and confused the women. R Kelly was telling the last couple of women (Azriel and Jocelyn) still sticking around different things to keep them loyal in his private correspondence with them. He was always constantly grooming them in case they had to speak on his behalf. Manipulators and narcissists use tactics like gaslighting and brainwashing to control their victims.

Well Tasha K reversed-manipulated Azriel by exposing R Kelly’s tactics. He’s a hypocrite for being upset at Tasha for doing to him what he often did to others. He’s also wrong for placing blame on Tasha when he himself caused his own demise. He should be mad at himself for thinking he could get away with lying and deceit forever. The only credit he gets is at being diabolical enough to know which girls his manipulation worked on the best and letting the rest go. He’s scum for that though.

All of the many victims he had abused over the years had turned against him and joined forces to help expose and convict him in his criminal court case. Once R Kelly had been arrested, it was easy and felt safe to come forth and tell their story.

R Kelly Gets Storm Monroe Involved

R Kelly makes a phone call from prison to a YouTuber named Storm Monroe. He admits he was told to call this specific person. This information is important because R Kelly’s intent was to get revenge aginst another YouTuber named Tasha K (see below). There may be a million YouTubers, but R Kelly’s team knew what they were doing.

Sure, a phone call from a celebrity as big and legendary as R Kelly is a huge deal. Let’s face it, no big channel with any credibility would’ve risked an interview with this man. The many numerous small channels that would’ve lined up to do it, wouldn’t have made a big impact with it. Tasha K was influential in getting R Kelly convicted most recently and she and Storm Monroe are beefing publicly, as is widely known in their circles on YouTube. So, Storm was going to allow R Kelly to bash Tasha K to his heart’s content and probably throw in a couple jabs himself for good measure. R Kelly continues to show his true vindictive colors in taking down black women and creating chaos among the black community.

R Kelly Calls Into Storm Monroe YouTube Show

R. Kelly CALLS IN & DRAGS Tasha K & Correction Officer For RUINING His Case!(Exclusive Phone Call)

Why He Went After Tasha K

During the phone call, R Kelly is complaining because his private phone calls to his “girlfriend” were leaked to Tasha K. At the time of his convictions, Tasha K was using her channel to promote R Kelly’s questionable behaviors and decisions. She had done a few interviews with one of R Kelly’s brothers and some of his victims. Her channel was actually featured on Lifetime’s documentary “Surviving R Kelly”, so he had a special bone to pick with her. You could say Tasha K was instrumental in getting him arrested. I mean, R Kelly was always evading the law and never getting convicted, even though his videotapes and witnesses were public knowledge. It was time for him to be stopped and she did what she did to help ensure his demise.

Accuses Tasha K Of Having Inside Help

R Kelly accuses a disciplinary hearing officer at the prison of accessing his records illegally with Tasha K. He says Tasha K admitted to sharing his information with government witnesses’ parents. He won’t name which witness it was, but it was Azriel Clary. She had been a “girlfriend” of R Kelly’s for over 5 years and was one of two last remaining victims still under his guidance and control. She and Jocelyn Savage were living in R Kelly’s apartment at The Trump Towers while R Kelly was in jail.

Tasha K was able to quote verbatim to the witness (Azriel) everything that was said by R Kelly to his “girlfriend” Jocelyn. R Kelly says that Tasha K was not supposed to rile up Azriel. He says it’s okay to have witnesses on the stand, but they’re not supposed to “be scorned with”. They’re not supposed to be witnesses that are mad at him because they heard about emails and phone calls between him and an other woman. He ran crying to his attorneys to look into the matter.

The Outrage Over Tasha K & the Unknown Officer

He says Tasha K wasn’t arrested for witness tampering or computer theft for showing his information to witnesses. The officer’s identity was hidden from him and she quickly retired before his gripe could even be looked into. R Kelly is mad because he couldn’t win a case because the government couldn’t find the assailant. Sound familiar? But he wants sympathy when he is victimized by the same system he used to victimize others.

Azriel Clary Is Aware Of Everything

Meanwhile his then “girlfriend” Azriel Clary is acting real different and he can’t figure out why. After it was revealed to him what was going on at that time, his mind is blown. He couldn’t figure out the connection between the officer and Tasha K. How did she know Tasha K and ensure she would use the information on her shows? Not only did this particular officer access R Kelly’s data, but 60 officers also accessed his records.

R Kelly starts going on about a plot to hide a big sum of money from Azriel behind a couch in his apartment Both young women lived at his Trump Towers apartment at that time. The singer gives specific instructions to Jocelyn to carry out this deed. He wanted easy access to his cash for lawyers or other expenses regarding his case if need be. He didn’t trust Azriel with his money.

Azriel finds out about the scheme the next day and steals the money and runs. Left a note and everything. Azriel then has the guts to call R Kelly and confront him about plotting with his money behind her back. She also took issue with him favoring Jocelyn behind her back, calling her cutesy names, and other petty drama. R Kelly couldn’t defend himself because she was too specific with her words and his actions. He was more worried about how she knew what she knew moreso than her concerns.

R Kelly Starting To Sweat

This is 2019 and he’s in a world of trouble (see below) and this is the last thing he needs. He has brainwashed these two women to defend him against any and all accusations for many years with great success. He can’t afford to lose either of them, not at this crucial moment in his life. Both of them knew where the dead bones were buried and all of the skeletons hidden in his closet. He could kind of convince the jury that all of the other accusers were liars and opportunity-seekers.

But if one of the chosen two were to fold, it would be over for him. They stayed the longest and had the most damage done to them as far as abuse. They were aware of the abuse he did to the others and could back up their claims. He confided in them the most and they had both been used before as shields between him and the public. Azriel was described as a hothead but he somehow maintained control of her undying loyalty regardless. It wouldn’t work this time. He couldn’t lie and pacify his way out of this situation. She had seen the emails and heard his voice talking to Jocelyn. He pissed off the wrong witness.

The fact that R Kelly has to make a phone call from prison alerting us of the behavior of Tasha K and an unknown prison officer says a lot. If there were any merit to this story, the media would’ve picked it up and the world would’ve known what happened. R Kelly is still facing trials so his name is already in the media and they would’ve loved to have another story to sell to the public.


R Kelly points out that the time of the leak was 2019. R Kelly is arrested this year and charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. Before his arrest in February of that year, his life had taken a slew of attacks that finally led to enough charges to lock him up.

January 2019

Lifetime aired a docuseries called “Surviving R Kelly” which revisited his old allegations and brought new ones to the spotlight. At this time, R Kelly was writing letters to attorneys of the women that had lawsuits against him, threatening to expose them with embarrassing details of their sexual histories. R Kelly was notorious for making young girls, women, and young boys perform disgusting sex acts and recording them. He watched them for pleasure, had viewing parties with his friends, and held onto them in case he needed to ever extort any of them.

Also in January 2019, RCA Records dropped R Kelly. In a desperate move to make money, he tried to set up a tour outside of the US but ended up dropping it because social media users urged fans not to buy tickets in February 2019. In this same month, Attorney Michael Avenatti gave Chicago prosecutors new evidence of a video showing R Kelly having sex with an underage girl, different from the video of the previous young girl back in 2002. He is immediately arrested. He posts bail after pleading not guilty.

March 2019

CBS aired an interview between him and Gayle King, where he exploded into a full-blown temper tantrum. His intent was to deny the claims made against him in the Lifetime “Surviving R Kelly” documentary series that had aired two months before, and address his arrest on 10 charges of sexual abuse. Despite the overwhelming evidence against him and the tons of credible accounts of his abuse, he continued to stress that he had never been convicted of any crime and had done nothing wrong. The delusion just writes itself at this point.

His two “girlfriends” at the time, Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage had their own one-hour special primetime interview with Gayle that aired the night following R Kelly’s special. They adamantly denied any wrongdoing on R Kelly’s part and painted him as the nicest man anyone could ever know and professed their undying love for him. During this time, he was re-arrested for failure to pay back child support for his 3 kids to Andrea Kelly.

May 2019

R Kelly is charged with 11 new counts of sex-related crimes in Chicago. He racks up more indictments and charges in July and is held without bail, finally. The prosecutor warned that he would pose an extreme danger to young girls if set free, and he wasn’t lying. He goes on to rack up charges in New York and Minnesota, in addition to the Chicago charges. During this time, R Kelly’s goons set out on a crime spree to threaten and intimidate witnesses and their families committing such illegal acts as setting vehicles on fire, threatening to shoot up a theater screening the Lifetime documentary, and any and everything they could do to mute witnesses against testifying.

I guess he took notes from the mob and saw that the best way to turn a case was to bribe witnesses or eliminate them. He knew the jury held all of the power, and it’s exactly what he did in 2002. The main witness was shipped overseas to lay low during the trial. This particular witness was the youngest girl in the case being 14 at that time, and the video of her having sex with R Kelly was the most damning to his case. It had been leaked and duplicated. It was available all over the internet and was sold on street corners all over America. R Kelly bribed the young victim and her family with money and gifts and sent them on a vacation out of the country so they couldn’t be found or located to appear in the trial.

Tasha K Responds To R Kelly’s Prison Phone Call

Exclusive | Tasha K. RESPONDS to R.Kelly’s Jail Call from Africa | Blames me for his Fed Case!

Imagine this man using his entire 15-minute phone call from prison to cry about the injustices of Tasha K done to him to Storm Monroe. He doesn’t know Tasha K or Storm personally, by the way. This is the voice of a man drowning and trying to pull Tasha down into the water with him. He would’ve sabotaged the officer as well if he had known who she was as well.

He claims he’s not trying to ruin anybody or get them arrested, but is upset because what has been done to him is wrong and illegal. He’s obviously trying to pander to the public to gain sympathy. He could’ve easily had this matter handled behind the scenes. He dragged Storm into his drama hoping he and his viewers would join him in piling up on Tasha K. Storm’s audience is mostly black women. Why would you have a black man go after a black woman using his black female audience?


R Kelly’s character is trash and it’s obvious how he does his business; enlists others to help him do his dirty work. He used others to recruit underage girls. The singer also used others to imprison said underage girls in various houses and music studios. Kelly employed others to traffic said underage girls all over the nation while he traveled doing music tours. He used others to patrol his premises and make sure said underage girls couldn’t escape or make outside phone calls. He used others to come up with cult-like strategies to control said underage girls during their stay with him, whether those were abuse or chants.

It’s the main reason he’s behind bars now. He used a YouTuber (who never did content on him) to promote his revenge tale, all the while making it seem like the channel was getting a special exclusive from an R&B superstar that would blow up said YouTube channel. I hope it was worth it, Storm.