Prince and Chaka Khan

Prince and Chaka Khan have a friendship and working relationship history dating back to the 70s.

They met all the way back in 1977. Prince was a playful young musician in Sausalito, California recording his debut album, For You, at the Record Plant.

Prince Wrote One of Chaka Khan’s Biggest Hits

He wrote the original version of “I Feel For You” for his 1979 album Prince. In 1984, Khan gave a new life to “I Feel For You” with her own funky version of the song. She even named her album released that same year after it. Khan went on to win the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song (with Prince as its songwriter) and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

Chaka Khan Relieved She Never Slept with Prince, Read He Gave a Girl Herpes

Chaka Khan sat down and did an interview for VLADTV for Youtube with comedianne Luenell as guest interviewer. She talked about Prince and the idea of them having a romantic situation.

“We were very kindred — kindred spirits,” Khan said. “We were just very, very close spiritually.”

Luenell responded that she wouldn’t even have believed Prince was human had she not experienced his presence herself. “Had I not seen the Purple Rain concert in person, I would’ve thought that Prince was just like a fairy or an angel that came down for a while and left,” she said. “He kinda was,” Khan replied, nodding her head. “He kinda was.”

Chaka Khan Said Prince Gave A Girl Herpes

Chaka mentioned how she was glad she never slept with Prince. Because of the rumor she heard about him having herpes, she was concerned. There was a moment when she seemed like she wanted to say something else about Prince, but stopped herself.

Stevie Wonder was sued for giving someone herpes, therefore, it’s possible Chaka confused the two musicians. Stevie Wonder’s former girlfriend filed a $30-million palimony lawsuit Thursday against the pop music star, alleging that he infected her with a sexual disease.

Allegedly, Prince was taking Valocyclovir (Valtrex) which is the most common treatment for herpes.

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