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January 29, 2023

Detroit is known as The Motor City or Motown. Rock ‘n roll fans call it Detroit Rock City. To urban music fans, it is the home of The Motown Sound named after the record company Motown. 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Famous Urban Music Artists From Detroit

January 16, 2023

R Kelly the hypocrite doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. He isn’t used to being held accountable by anyone. This man has gotten away with unspeakable crimes on innocent victims since the 90s by turning the jury against his accusers and witnesses. He used underhanded tactics against his accusers to prevent them from […]

January 9, 2023

Whitney Houston’s Maternal Grandparents Whitney Houston’s maternal grandparents, are her mother, Cissy Houston’s mother and father. They are the parents of famed gospel group The Drinkard Singers. Her grandparent’s names are Nitcholas “Nitch” Arthur Drinkard (Sr) and Adelia “Delia” Mae (McCaskill) Drinkard. Nitch was born on June 7, 1896 in Blakely, Georgia. Delia was born […]

January 6, 2023

All R&B groups from the 1960s is an extensive list of many groups of that era. Soul music dominated the U.S. African-American music charts in the 1960s, and many recordings crossed over into the pop charts in the U.S. per Wikipedia. Here’s a comprehensive list of all of the R&B groups who had big success […]