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Pete Davidson and Ice Spice Fake Dating Rumors Shut Down

pete davidson, ice spice

The internet has practically burst into flames after a fake dating rumor was seemingly made as a joke -- one that pinned Pete Davidson and Ice Spice as an item.

In recent news, comedian Pete Davidson and rapper Ice Spice have been the subject of a fake dating rumor that has gained traction on social media. While the rumor has caused a stir among fans of both celebrities, there is no truth to the speculation.

The rumor started when a photoshopped image of Davidson and Ice Spice began circulating on social media. The image appeared to show the two of them holding hands, and many fans believed that it was proof that they were dating. However, it was quickly revealed that the image was a fake, created by a fan with too much time on their hands.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the dating rumor, it continues to spread online. Some fans have even gone so far as to create fake news articles and social media posts to try to make the rumor seem more legitimate. However, anyone who takes a closer look can see that there is no truth to the story.



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