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Janet Jackson's Nephew Thinks She Degrades Herself & Other Nonsense During Twitter Rant

TJ Jackson, the nephew of the late Michael Jackson, recently took to Twitter to express his admiration for his aunt, pop icon Janet Jackson. In a series of tweets, TJ praised Janet's legacy as a trailblazer in the music industry and shared some personal anecdotes about her impact on his life.

Fans thought otherwise "He could have said all of that without mentioning his aunt. Now if she hoped on twitter to tell us what she thinks about him guarantee he wouldn’t like it. He’s disrespecting her by yapping about black women being disrespected. He loves black women so much that he just had to say all of that to help us, just not enough to date or marry one."

TJ, who is also a musician and songwriter, tweeted, "My Aunt Janet is one of the most talented, driven and authentic artists I have ever seen. Her work ethic and attention to detail is truly amazing. She's a true inspiration to me and many others."



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