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LHHHH Star Masika Breaks Her Silence On Yung Berg Domestic Drama — “It Was Not An Abusive Situation”

Masika and Berg are in the MYX rsz #LHHHollywood #LAHHH After keeping mainly mum since the November 5th physical altercation that landed Yung Berg in jail and her as the butt of LAHHH cast member criticism, Masika Tucker is finally speaking out on what happened that night and whether or not she is sticking with the man who allegedly beat her. Via Sister2Sister:
Masika Kalysha hasn’t had a lot of contact with “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” co-star Yung Berg since he allegedly choked, dragged and kicked her in a New York hotel. “My focus right now is him being better. The focus should not be on us being a couple right now,” Masika told Sister 2 Sister. “It’s best that we don’t communicate as we were.” More than anything, Masika said she wants Berg to get help, and his issue isn’t abusing women. “I feel like the only abuse issue that he has is alcohol abuse. I do feel like he has a drinking issue and that’s the issue at this time,” she said. “It was not an abusive situation.” According to Masika, she and Berg did “cause quite a disturbance,” but the entire incident was blown out of proportion, in part, because it was a ritzy hotel, late at night and several guests in the hotel called the police. “The stories were just erroneous,” Masika said about all the rumors that circulated after the altercation, which took place after 17 hours of taping the season 1 reunion show. As a result of the melee, Berg was arrested and charged with obstruction of breathing.
And although Masika skirts the specifics of what actually transpired between her and Berg that night, she is very particular about what she says did NOT happen:
Though Masika understands some may accuse her of defending her abuser, she’s not worried about what others think because she said knows what really happened that night. “It was not an abuse situation. He did not attack me; he did not knock me out. He did not beat me up, none of that happened,” said Masika who could not confirm reports that Berg has been fired from the show. “He was very drunk. It was to the point where he didn’t really know his bearings,” she said. “He needs to be focused on getting these charges dropped and getting the drinking under control.”
** Well what DID he do then? @UrbanMusic2000 #UM2K bossip

Midlife Crisis? The Curious Case Of Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner


Bruce Jenner’s Very Bizarre Midlife Crisis Explored

Beloved Gold medal Olympian-turned-pop culture phenomenon Bruce Jenner is the latest tabloid obsession who’s currently embroiled in the strangest midlife crisis ever. For months, rumors have swirled about him possibly transitioning into a woman and even dating his ex-wife’s BFF while being spotted around Hollywood looking like a 65-year-old identity crisis. ** Umm Bruce... @UrbanMusic2000 #UM2K bossip  

Dr. Ben Carson Emerges As Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate

dr ben carson

Dr. Ben Carson A Potential Presidential Candidate

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and conservative political figure, just might be a contender for the 2016 Presidential race. Apparently Dr. Carson wowed a conservative crowd at a Republican Club meeting recently and they fervently urged him to put his bid in. Via PageSix:
We’re two years away from the next election for President of the United States, but the race is already heating up. Among the contenders: Dr. Ben Carson, who gave it good to President Obama at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast — and who had more digs for the commander in chief last Wednesday at the Women’s National Republican Club on West 51st Street. “People say to me, ‘Dr. Carson, you’d make a great president, but Obama has ruined it for another black candidate.’ I say, ‘He’s half-white, so I guess he ruined it for them, too.’ ” Carson, who retired as director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital, gave a speech, answered questions from a crowd of about 300 and signed copies of his sixth book, “One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future.” “A PBS reporter asked me, ‘How come you don’t talk more about race?’ I said, ‘Because I’m a neurosurgeon. When I open up a patient’s skull, I’m working on what makes him or her a human being — not his skin. ’” Carson also had quips on several other subjects, including legalizing marijuana (“Data show it reduces IQ. We have enough stupid people. We don’t need to create more of them.”) and unions (“They will strangle the goose that lays the golden egg for that last egg.”). The partisan crowd was hanging on every word, and urging Carson to run for president.
** Is it possible to have 2 African-American Presidents is a row? @UrbanMusic2000 #Um2K bossip.com

Hip-Hop Music Executives Selling Black People Out To Make Money

Bobby-Shmurda-Shmoney-Dance Is it time to take a stand against ignorance in rap music?

Black Music Executives Continue To Promote Death And Negativity For Profit

#hiphopmusic #musicbiz #rapgame While some of the most popular rap records of all time are misogynistic, violent, and void of intellect, we might have reached a point where we need to purge these tropes and the rich record executives who promote them. RapRehab writer Sebastien Elkouby explores that idea and more in his recent article.
While watching the video for “Hot N****” by Epic Records’ newest artist Bobby Shmurda, I could hear a voice in my head repeatedly cry out, “the music industry hates Black people.” Out of countless amazingly talented unsigned artists waiting for their big break, why would a record company sign yet another half-ass artist whose message is all about death, murder, guns, and more death? It couldn’t possibly be about all the money they project making off this Youtube one-hit wonder since the past couple of years have shown us that viral video stars like Trinidad James and Chief Keef don’t necessarily translate to real-world superstardom. Why would music industry executives who are supposedly astute businessmen invest in the type of artists other labels don’t seem to have been very successful with? While these rappers may achieve short-term popularity, the amount of free mixtapes, guest appearances, and YouTube-to-MP3 music they put out can’t be profitable for the companies. Why would someone like Bobby Shmurda get a major label deal on the strength of one poorly-produced video? Is it because Beyonce did the Shmoney Dance (Bobby’s signature move) during one of her shows? Is it because Jay Z shouted out the dance in a freestyle at a concert? Is it because Drake, Meek Mill, Raekwon (WTF Rae?) and Busta Rhymes co-signed Shmurda? Why would a label invest in a mediocre rapper who may be “hot” for a minute but will undoubtedly fade into oblivion like so many of his forgettable predecessors? Is it because Bobby Shmurda is an underground sensation who kids in NY have been listening to for the past few months so Epic Records jumped on who they felt might be rap’s next flavor-of-the-moment before someone else does? Or is it simply because the music industry’s agenda to promote death and dysfunction to Black youth is bigger than its desire to make money?
** It's no secret that rap music as a whole is getting worse by the day. Specifically, the content and language is declining and becoming more negative by the day. Personally, i'm waiting to see how far they'll let this go. I feel bad for the youth because they listen to it. So has the government gone from flooding neighborhoods with drugs to flooding the airwaves with self-destructing product? @UrbanMusic2000 #UM2K bossip